Consultations with this generations

Father of Living Food Lifestyles !!

Viktoras Kulvinskas has been coaching others and giving optimal advice

since 1978. Yes...you, a family member or a friend can have a private

consultation with Viktoras. Specify your needs and I will work

out the best arrangement for us both.
The following are some of the skills that I integrate during our time spent together.
Intuition, Numerology, Kinesiology, Humor, Qi-Gong, Yogic Therapeutics,

Reiki, Chakra Charging, Meditation, Optimal Lifestyle Experiences and much

more all to reconnect you to your true nature.

I bring to this meeting...over 50 years of holistic healing, experience,

clinical data, scientific research, engagement with the top researchers,

as well as At-One-Ment with great healers and celestial support that are assisting

from the Astral Planes. My job is to slow you down, assist you in clarity, reveal

the solution and open the path for you to raise your

frequency into true balance !!

Indeed...transition and healing support is at your fingertips !!
Call or write and I will respond within 24 hours.
You can have it all !!
Keep remembering...
We Are One...there is
no time and space and
all there is ...is Love :-) 

Love in Service
Rev. Viktoras Kulvinskas, MS, H.H.E.